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COE 104 Murrini

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COE 104 murrini made with Effetre, Vetrofond, CIM, Reichenbach, Lauscha, Czech, ASK, Double Helix, Striking Color.... if it's 104, we probably use it!
To use the murrini on beads, heat slowly and tap.  It takes several times of heating and tapping to get the murrini to  melt in completely without smearing.  But after just a little practice, you can get all the cool designs in the middle of the murrini to show up on your beads..... very cool!
If you're encasing the murrini - remember - cool murrini, super hot clear.  We like Zephyr clear for encasing.  It can get very soft and soupy when hot and that makes it easy to encase murrini with no smearing.

If you are looking for specific colors, just ask and we'll see what we can do.  We try to offer our new blends on the 1st and/or 15th of the month.