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Murrini 3-Peat/Trios COE 104

Catalog > Murrini 3-Peat/Trios COE 104

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We are revamping this page soon, retiring some of these blends and adding others.  If you have a favorite, please stock up now while they are still available. Thank you!

What are 3-Peats/Trios?


These are three different, but coordinating, murrini that we will repeat*!  That means that when they sell out, we will make more.  They are COE 104 and are typically 'burst' type murrini - bullseyes with lots of radiating lines around the outside.  Perfect for adding a touch of color and design to a bead without adding too much pattern.  These come in packs of 20+ murrini.  


*as of 7/11/17 we are not going to repeat some of these so we can make room for new stuff.  Also, we are renaming them to Trios. :)