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Murrini Duos and Trios COE 104

Catalog > Murrini Duos and Trios COE 104

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Adding to our murrini line up, we are introducing Duos!  These are bold pops of color, two coordinating murrini styles per pack of 20.  COE 104.


These are color coordinated murrini that we will repeatThat means that when they sell out, we will make more.*  They are COE 104 and are typically 'burst' type murrini - bullseyes with lots of radiating lines around the outside.  Perfect for adding a touch of color and design to a bead without adding too much pattern.  These come in packs of 20+ murrini.  


*as of 7/11/17 we are not going to repeat some of the Trios (formerly known as 3-peats) so we can make room for new stuff.  :)